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Krav Oz

We don’t empower – We uncover power!

Krav Oz is Montgomery County’s premier Krav Maga school. No matter your background or level of experience, our nationally certified instructors will develop you into a confident self-defense practitioner. As a part of the Krav Oz family, you will gain more strength mentally and physically, crash through more perceived barriers, and set higher expectations for yourself than you ever thought possible. But as humbled as we are to partner with you in your self-defense and fitness journey, the reality is that any growth you’ll experience was already within you. Our job is merely to show you what you’re capable of and then show you how much further you can still go!

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Our Expert Team

The team here at Krav Oz brings you more than a lifetime of experience in martial arts with expertise from Krav Maga to Muay Thai and Judo. We are truly passionate about teaching true self-defense and making it accessible to everyone, no matter your level of experience, age, or previous training.


Our Core Values

Our core values are rooted in professionalism, partnership, and perseverance. We view our members as family and give our best every day to make you stronger and safer.


Our Mission

Our dedication is to showing you that “good enough” is never good enough; that going the extra step is always worth it; that change is hard but great things were never achieved without hard work and dedication. Our goal is to help reveal your inner strength to use in every aspect of your life.


Krav Maga

Challenge yourself with real-world Krav Maga training and learn from the very best with these incredible classes in Germantown. We're changing the way you think about self-defense.

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Kids Martial Arts

Take a different approach to Kids Martial Arts training today. We're bringing you Germantown's most comprehensive program for well-rounded growth in your child!

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Fitness Classes

Build lean muscle and melt away fat with our fitness classes in Germantown. We'll help you see results like never before with a support system that offers you unwavering motivation.

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Our Affiliates

We are proud to be affiliates of the below Krav Maga organizations

Fit to Fight® in Germantown - Krav Oz

Fit to Fight®

Fit to Fight® is an unconventional organization, an eccentric family, in a traditional and habitual industry. Fit To Fight® is the neon orange Crayon, in a box of grays. In a world where "lineage" determines good from bad, and ranking takes precedence over practicality, Fit To Fight® place a premium on what works now and strives for better, always.

StrikeFit® in Germantown - Krav Oz


StrikeFit® is our exclusive heavy bag workout developed by Krav Maga Alliance. This high energy kickboxing program isn’t just “cardio kickboxing.” StrikeFit® is an all-around workout that includes incorporating striking combinations combined with everything from kettle bells to medicine balls, plyometrics to wind sprints.

The Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association in Germantown - Krav Oz

The Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association

The Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association was founded by Tuhon Jared Wihongi in 2002. The idea of an association dedicated to the tactical application of Pekiti-Tirsia was based on Tuhon Jared’s extensive background as a Police Trainer, SWAT Operator and an Army Special Forces Combatives Instructor.

Survival Edge Tactical Systems in Germantown - Krav Oz

Survival Edge Tactical Systems

Survival Edge Tactical Systems was founded in 2006 by then full-time Police Officer Jared Wihongi in response to requests for his training services by a local Army Special Forces unit. Since then, and with the help of business partner Geoff Perrin, the company has grown to encompass multiple facets of tactical training, consulting and professional services.

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