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  • Self Defense in Germantown

    Last month, I was only going to sign up my 12 year old son but decided to sign up after taking an introductory class. Every class is different and I am learning something new each time. Chantell and Ehren are awesome trainers that push us to do our best. I would definitely recommend Krav Oz LLC to my family and friends!

    Denise Castro
  • Krav Maga  near Germantown

    I took a Women's Self Defense class with Chantell in July and instantly felt a need to continue. A few days later I signed a 12 month contract. I can't believe how far I've come since day one. Chantell and Ehren are amazing instructors. They are so passionate about what they do. Every class is better than the last. I’m constantly talking about my training with my friends and family. I would highly recommend Krav Oz LLC. I don’t know how they do it but I leave every class with a huge smile on my face. Thank you, Chantell and Ehren!

    Elizabeth Ibanez
  • Self Defense in Germantown

    I recently attended Krav Oz's Self Defense seminar in Rockville - and it was fantastic! A comprehensive four hours covering everything I could want, and at just the right speed to keep me and the other attendees challenged and engaged. From start to finish, Chantell and Ehren provided excellent instruction; without sacrificing the skill and passion they possess for their field, Chantell and Ehren created an encouraging and stimulating environment fueled by real life, practical examples in the lecture portion, and helpful analogies to make the defense moves in the self-defense portion hit home (pun intended). In short, this seminar was one from which all could benefit - whether you've never heard of Krav Maga, or have spent years on the mats. Can't wait to come check out a class!

    Katie Barnett
  • Self Defense in Germantown

    I will tell you that in my 23 years of military service as a leader, operator and as an instructor I have been exposed to and learned from highly motivated, humble and passionate instructors who taught from their hearts and genuinely cared for the knowledge their students gained. I can undoubtedly say that the instructors at Krav Oz represent these same high standards. I could care less where their credentials come from because passion and dedication aren't proven because they are printed on a certificate. They are proven in every interaction and teachable moment where the student knows that they are being educated and not just being instructed. If someone wants to train under someone because of the paper pedigree certificate on the wall, then they should train in Krav Maga elsewhere. If someone wants to learn Krav Maga from truly passionate, professional and dedicated instructors, then they should train at Krav Oz!

    DC Clipson
  • Krav Maga in Germantown

    I took the women's self defense class with my sister and aunt. Wow, am I glad I did. Chantell's presentation on safety was compelling, realistic, and useful. Chantell and Ehren's passion for teaching us to protect ourselves really showed. They taught the basics of recognizing and escaping dangerous situations, and I walked out confident that I could react appropriately. This is an essential class that EVERY woman should take, and I will be encouraging all of my friends and family to keep an eye out for upcoming seminars. I loved the class and would take another in a heartbeat. (I'd want to take more Krav Maga too, if I were not moving away!) Thank you, Chantell, for unlocking the confidence and skills for my family to stay safe!

    Janine Taira
  • Self Defense in Germantown

    I have tried several different training facilities/instructors but stopped looking when I found the ones at Krav Oz because none of the others could compare. They are tough when I need motivation, willing to spend the extra time when I need a little extra instruction and always encouraging to perform at my best. I drive an hour to get to class passing a lot of other facilities to attend training with these instructors because they are worth it.

    Greg Bailey
  • Krav Maga in Germantown

    I have training under the Krav OZ instructors for over 7 years. Not only do they teach Krav but care about you as a friend. The instructions and attention to details that they preach are impeccable. If you want a place to learn self defense that is accurate, evolving, and life changing, this is the place to be and train.

    Tushar Garg
  • Self Defense in Germantown

    The instructors are excellent to say the least. Chantell has the ability to bring the best out of anybody. I have personally witnessed her work and all I can say is that she is amazing. Every student leaves her class with a new found self confidence!

    MJ Bunker
  • Krav Maga in Germantown

    I have been training with Ehren and his team for sometime now. My experience has been great and I would highly recommend Krav Oz to anyone seeking to learn effective self defense. The training is hard and intense but is done in a safe and caring environment.

    Vicente Molina
  • Self Defense in Germantown

    Positive & motivating instructors. Clean facility & friendly staff. Highly recommend especially for women who want to become stronger & feel confident in protecting themselves.

    Stacey Nelson

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