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Learn the Combat Skills to Help Make Sure You Come Home Every Night

As a law enforcement officer, you know that there has never been a time of more scrutiny on your actions than the present. Unfortunately, that additional scrutiny does not affect the potential violent situations that you may encounter on any given shift. Even harder is that, many times, departments only emphasize specific tools to account for your annual defensive tactics training and what could save your life one day. What this leaves is a very small set of tools to respond to a vast use of force spectrum.

Law Enforcement Training That Is Proven And Tested 

Understanding the constraints you’re under and the situations you may meet, we place your training at the highest levels of importance. Working with you to understand your specific use of force policies, Krav Oz partners with you to understand your exact needs and tailors training to you and your colleagues/department.

So where you have gaps between what you’re trained on and what reality calls for, Krav Oz fills those holes helping ensure you return home safely to your family after every shift. The Law Enforcement Instructors at Krav Oz have worked with Law Enforcement and Military agencies throughout the country to address their specific job-related needs, including instruction in:

  • Strikes and personal weapon use
  • Defense against common attacks
  • Combat grappling
  • Weapon defenses
  • Weapon retention
  • Open-hand leads
  • Arrest and control

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