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Learn To Spar In A Safe, Structured Environment At Krav Oz

We believe sparring and understanding the anatomy of the fight serves to benefit a practitioner's overall self-defense practice. SPARology™ is designed to be accessible to everyone and allows a student to test the skills in a safe controlled environment. Through controlled sparring students learn how to:

  • Respond effectively to real resistance
  • Respond to respond and act rather than react.
  • Increase visual acuity of target recognition

The Best Sparring Instruction In Germantown

SPARology™ structures classes in a “scaffolded” fashion that limits the level of contact and progressively adds more resistance as the athlete starts to develop targeted skill sets. Through this method, students have time to develop with confidence and reduced frustration.

SPARology™ borrows very heavily and is steeped in each of the respective training methodologies. Pulling from the foundations of

  • Wrestling
  • Muay Thai and
  • Boxing

The SPARology™ structure necessitates that participants spend time in specific, though limited, sparring situations. As students develop in these situations and become more competent, more variables are added to the situations, allowing students to progress in a strength-based fashion. The results are a well-rounded skill set developed at a level of comfort allows each athlete to forge a personal pathway or style.

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Take advantage of this awesome workout and a unique opportunity to learn the art of sparring from the ground up. At Krav Oz in Germantown, you'll master every skill you need to know.

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