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Krav Oz understands that having your employees healthy and happy is the key to a productive work environment. Additionally, we know that obesity rates are rapidly increasing and something has to be done. To combat the unhealthy epidemic and make your workplace as productive as possible, Krav Oz is prepared to be a long-term partner to support your healthy initiatives.

Whether your employees and team members want to get in shape with our HIIT or cardio kickboxing classes, or they want to learn how to defend themselves through with our self-defense program, your employees will have access to the area’s best training. Exercise and physical training are proven to increase productivity, alertness, and attitude bringing you the best workplace possible.

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Krav Maga  near Germantown

Krav Maga

Challenge yourself with real-world Krav Maga training and learn from the very best with these incredible classes in Germantown. We're changing the way you think ...

Krav Maga  near Germantown

Kids Martial Arts

Take a different approach to Kids Martial Arts training today. We're bringing you Germantown's most comprehensive program for well-rounded growth in your child! ...

Krav Maga  near Germantown

Fitness Classes

Build lean muscle and melt away fat with our fitness classes in Germantown. We'll help you see results like never before with a support system that offers you u ...

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