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In a world that is constantly changing, it is on us to stay ahead of the curve.  Unfortunately, sometimes the world does not change for the better as we see with the prevalence of Active Killer scenarios occurring throughout the United States.  Where deranged attackers are taking advantage of good people when and where they feel safest, the Active Killer Defense® (AKD) program teaches the common citizen how to effectively respond to combat these horrific attacks.

There is no question that long-term solutions are needed to prevent these events from occurring in the first place.  Krav Oz believes that these long-term solutions should be sought after and methodically planned and implemented.  However, in the mean time, citizens need solutions to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones in a moment of crisis.  The AKD® program is agnostic of political or social labels and teaches only what matters when the worst occurs.

No matter how much we as a society hate that we have to start addressing these events, it is our responsibility to do so.  Unfortunately, there still exists a significant gap between the training that is currently offered and the training that is needed.  The current “Run – Hide – Fight” mentality has largely been accepted as best practice in response to an active killer.  However, what we have seen in these school shootings, and especially in recent attacks, is that the people committing these crimes are counting on the school protocol and procedures and using them to their advantage. 

However, the AKD® program looks to address these training gaps by offering a more holistic and realistic approach to training.  Broken into five distinct sections, the AKD® seminar is designed to arm participants with the tools and mentality needed to effectively respond during an active killer event.

  • Historical and Statistical Review: understanding why this training is needed based on statistics developed by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security;
  • Armed Response: understanding how a firearm operates and how to make it inoperable based on its weaknesses;
  • Unarmed Response: combative training to teach participants how to safely and effectively incapacitate the attacker, including punching, kicking, improvised weapons, and weapon disarms;
  • Trauma Care: proper use and application of a tourniquet, wound packing and pressure dressings that can be applied anywhere from the playground to a car accident to an active killer;
  • Application Drill: incorporating the day’s training into a final scenario-based exercise.

Training takes a “Crawl – Walk – Run” approach and develops skill within each participant in a safe, fast, and effective manner. 

The Active Killer Defense® program is designed for everyone, regardless of skill, physical fitness, or experience.  Our goal as an organization is to make our community safer in any and every way that we can. 

The AKD® course is approximately six hours and is offered to all school employees (public and private) for free.  Non-school employees pay a nominal fee.


*Our next seminar is on May 5th from 10-4. School employees use code AKDCOMP20 at checkout to train for free. REGISTER HERE

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