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We Don’t Teach Empowerment – We Uncover It!

At Krav Oz, we’re not in the business of empowering our students because we know that you already have the all the power you’ll ever need. What we do is show you how powerful you really are! Through years of teaching Krav Maga, self-defense, and fitness, we’ve come to realize that everyone is so much more capable than they ever imagine and we’re here to show you that.

From throwing your first punch or doing your first kettlebell swing, to experiencing your first time escaping a ground fight, you’ll be removing limitations that you may have felt for years; you’ll uncover and recognize the strength that’s been there forever. Our classes and instructors push you to be better every day: to do that extra burpee, throw that extra punch, or go that extra round. To allow you to realize how strong you REALLY are!

Five tenants sit at the foundation of Krav Oz that drive all our programming and sets us apart:

1. Real: no matter what class you’re taking, what we’re teaching you is real. Our programs are designed to deliver results to you. Whether you’re learning how to defend yourself or get in better shape, we’re giving you the best methods to accomplish your goals. We believe in evolving our systems and methodologies to bring you the best training possible.

2. Accessible: All our programs are meant for everyone, no matter your age, level of fitness, or background and level of experience. Whether you’ve been working out for years or this is your first time, we’re here to get you to the next stage in your journey. Our instructors are expertly trained to work with your level of capability to get you where you want to go!

3. Fun: There’s no way around this, classes are FUN! We are passionate about what we do and have the best time teaching. As serious as we take self-defense and fitness, we always make sure that you’re enjoying class!

4. Growth Through Discomfort: the only way for anyone grows is through discomfort. Whether you’re going an extra round on the mats or pushing for that extra set of push-ups, you’re only going to grow when you’re beyond your present comfort zone. We believe in hard work. We believe that strength begets strength and we’re here to feed off and support each other. Though we will never push you to do something you’re not comfortable with, we will push you to be better than yesterday.

5. Professional: From our front desk staff to our instructors, our entire team is trained by international leaders to bring you the best learning and environment possible. Our instructors are held to the highest levels and are constantly training to continue their growth with you!

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