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You Are Your First Responder

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We are proud to affiliate and be certified by Active Killer Defense (AKD) to offer classes in the DC area and North East region of the US. AKD is designed to impact the individual, corporate and campus safety procedures while recognizing the need for realistic training and solutions. This program considers that many traditional “fixes” may be cost-prohibitive, impractical, politically unpalatable or simply ineffective. Ultimately we teach the "Fight" in "Run, Hide, Fight" and give would be victims options, through armed and unarmed responses as well as trauma care, because we believe you are your first responder!

Stay Prepared For Any Situation

The Active Killer Defense system prepares everyday men and women to act decisively during situations of high stress. Our professional instructors will teach you how to effectively combat intruders and attackers when necessary. 

Take on the best

  • Armed Response Strategies
  • Unarmed Response Tactics
  • Trauma Care Techniques 

With our real-time training, you'll learn how to respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently to any real-world threat. 

Reserve Your Spot Today For An Upcoming Active Killer Defense Class

Please click on the following link HERE for access to our registration page for our upcoming May 5th Seminar form 10-4. Spaces are limited. If you are a school employee be sure to use the code: AKDCOMP20 at checkout and register with your school email address to receive your training completely FREE!

Don't wait until it's too late. Prepare yourself today with cutting-edge defense strategies in the face of an armed intruder. You can rely on our team at Krav Oz to give you all the tools you need to stay safe and save the lives of those around you.

And don't forget: Our seminars are always free of charge to ANY school employee.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more or get started today!


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